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We are the First vape shop, Found in Bahrain and began delivery to Dubai Saudi Arabia Oman and Kuwait.
While we were all the while utilizing E-Liquid from the USA yet a few Flavors were absent in the Vape Oils, So we began making our own E-Liquid DIY.



E-juice We are the first vape store, located in Bahrain and started delivery to Dubai Saudi Arabia, Oman and Kuwait. While we were all the time using E-Liquid from the USA, some flavors were absent in Vape Oils, so we started making our own DIY E-Liquid.

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Where we can play with the flavors and Nicotine level even menthol. Necessities for E-Liquid creation is PG VG Flavors and Nicotine as your decision.

E-Cig and Vape Pen was initially begun in the UK to help Tobacco devouring patients to take them off Smoking propensities, Then later this vaporizer gadgets began in America as vapes.

There were not many organization producing vape machines and barely any choices with constrained E Juice flavors like Mango Double Apple Grapes Custards Candy Banana and different natural products.

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We are known for our top quality E-Liquid and best client support while conveying the most recent vapers and 7 days week accessible for help.